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Garden and Food

It's not work, not even sacrifice.

It's passion.

 It is happy to share the flavors of our land with the simplicity that distinguishes it.

A continuous search for those products and dishes that must be known, because they represent a culture, a land, a people.

Poor and simple dishes but rich in history. We do it for this,

to leave you a little bit of us.


So here are the pici,

traditional hand-pulled "spaghettoni".

to be served with game ragout.

Here are the Maremma tortelli,  

filled with ricotta and spinach or chard, served with meat sauce or simply butter and sage.

Here is the acquacotta,

the simplest of soups but full of flavours.

the scottiglia,

a stew of mixed meats soiled with tomatoes, then moved on to seasoned ricotta,

an ancient dessert made with fresh sheep ricotta, sugar and Alchermes, a Florentine liqueur loved by the Medici family

pici p_edited.jpg
mano senza sondo bn_edited.png

The Garden


There is a small piece of land near the house, exposed to the sun all day but sheltered from the wind thanks to the silent work of the prickly pears.

There are aubergines, peppers and chillies.

Then there's the basil, in the shade of the tomatoes and aubergines.

Parsley, sage, oregano and onions

they surround the most sensitive plants, with their intense scents they keep away the small parasites.

Zucchini stand alone, grow strong.

It's a small living world.

It takes advantage of its characteristics to defend itself and to give us its fruits.

We do not intervene with chemical products, we prefer flavor and quality to the detriment of quantity and aesthetics. We work in a totally ORGANIC way.

With a lot of passion and love we cook these fruits and bring them to the table. Genuine flavours, just as nature conceived them.

It is our small vegetable garden.

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